The Truth Behind Ronan Pastrana’s Driver’s License Allegedly Torn By MMDA Enforcer

Remember Ronan Pastrana? The Motorists Accusing An MMDA Enforcer Of Breaking His Driver’s License

The truth behind Ronan Pastrana’s driver’s license which was allegedly torn by an MMDA enforcer after committing a traffic violation.

Previously, Ronan Pastrana has uploaded a video of him while interrogating the MMDA enforcers who blocked him and asking for his driver’s license after committing a traffic violation. The traffic enforcer allegedly tore his license and refused to issue a violation ticket.

Pastrana committed a violation of “Over-speeding” and said that the enforcers allegedly tore his license, which is inappropriate for its case. He presented an expired driver’s license and an Official Receipt (O.R) of his renewed license.

Recently, the Facebook page “Pinoy Law Breakers” has shared a post revealing the truth behind Ronan Pastrana’s allegation against the MMDA traffic enforcer who allegedly torn his license. The social media page slammed Pastrana for his false accusation against the enforcers.

The page also lambasted Pastrana and shows the copy of his violation ticket together with his license, which looks like completely in good condition.

The new post shared by the “Pinoy Law Breakers” sparked online debates from the social media users. Some netizens said that the driver’s license was broken, but it was laminated to look like nothing happens.

Driver’s License

Driver’s License

Here’s the full story:

“Ano sa tingin nyo?

Credit sa may ari nitong post

Pothris ka Ronan Pastrana isa kang sinungaling!

Please tag him until his conscience will burden him for his false accusations against our enforcer. Kung ilang shares and likes na nakuha ng post nya eh ibalik at ipost natin ito sa wall nya same number of times.

Saan po ang pinunit mong lisensya, eh ito buo naman ang lisensya mo. Nagpanggap ka pang pulis, that’s usurpation of authority!”

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