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A video of an alleged ‘professional’ thief doing something to an ATM crossed an online platform.

ATM – An alleged ‘professional’ thief opened an automated teller machine or more commonly called as ATM.

Recently, a video crossed the Facebook page of Bahria Town Pakistan “News Channel”. Two men can be seen in the footage.

“This Is High Professional Thieve Of #ATM Machine #OMG.”


Screengrabbed from the Video Posted on the Facebook Page Bahria Town Pakistan “News Channel”

In the earlier part of the video, it can be seen that a foreign man wearing white long sleeves went inside and tried to insert a card on the ATM and pulled it back.

He was looking on his sides while there was another man standing outside and looking at him. He then started pressing buttons of the machine.

After a little while, it could be seen in the video that he opened the ATM and it looks like he adjusted something.

After closing the machine, he then began starting to get something continuously released by the machine.

The post went viral on the social media. It has already reached around 3.6 million views and forty thousand shares on the online platform. There were also netizens who dropped their comments to the post.

According to a Facebook user, they are not professional as they were not wearing helmet. He stated that everybody knows there are CCTV cameras in each atm.

A netizen, in Tagalog language, stated in a comment to the post that these great thieves should have been caught.

In a comment to the post, one netizen claimed that the incident did not happen in Pakistan but in “India axis bank atm” based on the stickers.

Meanwhile, a social media user raised a question in a comment to the post regarding the task of the guy who was seen standing outside.

“What is the second guy doing in the back ground?”

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