Maine Mendoza’s Brother Reveals Reasons Behind Deactivation Of Her Twitter Account

Nico Mendoza, brother of Maine Mendoza revealed the reason why her sister deactivated her Twitter account.

TWITTER – The brother of the comedian turned actress Maine Mendoza revealed the reason behind the deactivation of the actress of her Twitter account.

According to an Instagram fan account of the actress, it shared a post from her brother.

The screen captured post says, “She deactivated her Twitter account for a reason. She needs a break. Hope y’all understand. Don’t worry po, hindi siya galit. But for now, pabayaan muna natin siya. Spread love not war. Thank you and God Bless.”

Clearly, the actress just wanted to take a break from all the happenings with her career life and from the controversies she had gone through.

Base upon on the previous report, prior to the time she turned down her micro-blogging account, she posted some intriguing statements first which says:

“When peace & love are no longer being served; and whenever you find yourself taking in so much negativity, you have to take a break and reflect.”

“Sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect. Taking a break is necessary to save yourself and others from drowning.”

“I hope we all stop pulling each other down.”

Maine rose to fame because of her trending videos doing Dubsmash to which alongside with her fame, she was paired up with Alden Richards.

The two stars led the television series Destined To Be Yours which ended after three months of airing.

It was claimed that the poor story line is the main reason why the show ended so suddenly.

Now, as to the turning down of one of her social networking site account, no one knows the main reason why except the actress herself.

But it was assured by her brother that Maine is not angry to anyone at all.

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