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A lady was doing something and was caught headless when video recorded.

HEADLESS – A woman doing household chores was filmed and was creepily captured to be headless.

Ghosts and supernatural appears just in every corner of the internet. Whether they are real or not, still it does not fail to  give the people the creeps.

Through the internet, these peculiar things and events are often relayed through image or video recorded.

Creepy when this woman was caught headless when doing a household chores and creepier as it may seem when it was reported that she died days after the video was taken.

According to report made by the Rated K posted and shared by the Youtube Channel The Pinoy Channel, the woman seems to not to accept her sudden death.

The paranormal expert, Jericho Ibanez, invited by Korina Sanchez to examine the said incident said, “May… gusto siyang ipahiwatig na hindi niya pa oras noong time na ‘yon.”

(She has something to tell that it is not her time to die during that time.)

As shown on the video, disturbingly, the woman wearing black shorts and black sleeveless shirt was ironing the clothes and she was headless. She continues to move and to iron but her body remains not to have a head.

According to the video, even experts on that field of technological aspect can’t explain how the head of the woman disappeared.

If one could remove the head on the clip, he or she must be really good and it is hard if one person would edit the video that way.

Whatever may the truth be in these kind of incidents, no one knows.  For even experts of their respective field could not explain the reason behind such events.

This incident has been reported long ago but it still delivers the cold chills of creepiness to everyone.

Do you believe at such? Watch the video below:

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