Fish With Strange Tattoo Found In Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental

A fish with strange yet intricate tattoo designs in its body was found by the fishermen in Mindanao.

TATTOO – A fish was discovered by the fishermen of Mindanao and found out that there were strange and bizarre tattoos on its body.

Accordingly  to the post of GMA News on their Facebook page, the fish was caught by the fishermen from Lopez Jaena in Misamis Occidental.

The photo of the strange fish went viral and sparked different theories and conclusions from the people of the online community.

Photo by Hero Peewee Bacuño
(Photo lifted from Facebook page GMA News)

Comments stated were indicating jokes about the fish. Some says that the fish is Maui, the tattooed guy from the animation Moana, and joked that he had lost his hook again and was not able to transform into its human form the reason why it was caught.

Netizens were even saying that the fish is part of a gangster group under the sea or maybe it came from ‘bilibid’ due to his tattoos.

However, there were others who took the matter seriously.

Those people who took it seriously stated that maybe the designs found in the body of the fish was due to the plastics disposed on the ocean. It may be that the design on the body of the fish had come from the design of the plastics and garbage being thrown in the ocean.

One Facebook user even said that maybe its another sign that something is going to happen in the world like the Big One. Maybe its a sign from the deepest part of the ocean, as we all know, the ocean is a lot more massive that the land and only 20 percent of its whole had been discovered by the human.

Whatever may the reason be as to how the fish got the design on its body, nobody knows. But maybe, it is a sign perhaps that something is wrong with our ocean.

2 thoughts on “Fish With Strange Tattoo Found In Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental”

  1. If it comes from a plastic bag, then we need to mirror flip the image to read the text. I did this (but can’t post the mirror image) and it reads… ”jeans”. Solved then.

  2. This looks like some plastic or ink printed paper garbage, which has imprinted onto the fish. Look closely, the letters or words are backwards or mirror imaged. Poor fish. Just shows how disgracefully polluted our oceans are. Let this be a warning, not from aliens or the gods but, but from the very life of the oceans itself.
    We MUST take action now, before it’s too LATE!!!!!!!


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