Find Out What Happened To Hero Angeles After He Left Showbiz

Hero Angeles may not be a full-time actor but he is now in the stage of his life of doing what he loves the most.

HERO ANGELES – Many have indeed wondered why Hero has left the showbiz and what happened to him after that.

A video has been shared and  posted in a Youtube Channel ARTISTA Updates where Hero was featured and his life during and after leaving the entertainment industry.

According to the video, Hero was first seen on the reality talent show aired by ABS-CBN network, Star Circle Quest, where he bested out other competitors and was hailed as the Grand Teen Questor.

After his winning, he became one of the hottest star on 2004 and and was paired to Sandara Park.

Their love team was a hit and clicked to the public where they were able to make movies like “Bcuz of You”and “Can this be love?”

However,  they have gone  to separate lives when Hero ended  his contract on the ABS-CBN and was seen to appear  in the programs of the rival network  and  Sandara went back to South Korea where she became a singing superstar.

Hero  was seen on some of  the programs in GMA such as  Luna Mystika and Dyesebel.

And as of March  2008, he was officially working for GMA under the management  of German Moreno and brother Henry Angeles.

As seen on the video, Hero had recently appeared on TV but he is not a full-time actor.

He is actually now a painter. His pursuit of art had led him where  he is now, a painter.

His creations are usually animals and complex figures less than the size of a paper clip.

On his Instagram account, based on his posts,  he can be seen to be travelling in other foreign places. Hero is now 32 years old and enjoying life doing what he loves the most.

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