WATCH : This Girl Shows Powerful Dance Moves

Watch the video as this girl showed off powerful dance moves.

WATCH – A video has gone viral across the social media community and caught the attention of the netizens as this girl showed off her powerful dance moves.

The Facebook user Nica Santos has shared her video on her Facebook account which shows her own choreography of Eve’s ‘She Bad Bad’.

As shown on the video, her own choreography of the song had brought out her inner powerful skill in dancing.

The video is what went down on their Gangsta Femme Class the last night she posted the video.

According to her posted status, she just wants to share her experience about it. Considering that she just normally choreograph on the rhythm of basic counting, according to her, the first time she composed a choreography for this song looked “flat”.

She was on the verge of changing the song yet she was panicking because she will have it in her class workshop that time.

However, fueled with perseverance and the love for dancing, she tried listening to the song once again and imagined herself swaying and doing some moves upon the song.

And in a snap, she ended up in a choreograph showing off her snappy dance moves.

Her video had gathered more than 2,200 views and a number of shares, comments and reactions from other user of the social networking site who already saw  the video.

However, she humbled herself as she stated in her post that she still needs to learn a lot. And in speaking of learning, she had learned and realized a lot in this experience of her.

Based on her status, she said that she was thanking everyone for the help, support and trust she is receiving from them.

And most especially, she was thanking the Almighty above for giving her such talent.

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