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BIR Files Tax Evation Case Against Richard Gutierrez

BIR had accused Richard Gutierrez and his company in the alleged of not paying correct taxes.

BIR – Bureau Internal Revenue had accused Richard Gutierrez and his company RGUTZ Productions Company, for him and his firm who allegedly did not pay the rightful taxes.


Photo lifted from Balita.com

In the report of ABS-CBN News, the BIR said in a statement that Gutierrez has sales in 2012 for P39.9 million which is undeclared and his production company has not filed, during on the same year, a yearly income tax return and value added tax returns.

BIR has stated, “As a consequence of their acts and omissions, R Gutz and its president, Richard Gutierrez, were assessed an estimated aggregate deficiency tax liability for taxable year 2012 in the total amount of P38.57 million.”

Based on the list of they have obtained on the same year, clients declared to buy P39.9 million from the company as to which the company only declared to have P311,111 in their sales.

Richard Gutierrez sits as the president of the company.

Due to the alleged non-compliance in the filing of the tax returns, the BIR will file a tax evation case against Richard Gutierrez and his company.

The said violation of Richard and his firm be counted as two in the Tax Code.

Annabelle Rama, mother of the actor and the RGUTZ’s president, stated that the case is harassment to her son. She said that Richard could prove that had filed taxes returns properly.

Gutierrez road to stardom when he and his twin brother, Raymond, appeared in a milk commercial in television.

Recently, Richard is in a relationship with  the actress Sarah Lahbati and has a son.

BIR said that they have sent their findings to Gutierrez on 201and sent another two this year. But the agency neither received nor heard any response from him and the company.

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