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Viral: Photos Of Mentally-Ill Woman Gives Birth To A Little Baby

Mentally-Ill Woman Gives Birth To her Healthy Baby

A netizen shared a photo of a mentally-ill woman went viral in the social media after giving birth to her little baby despite her mental condition.

Increasing cases of abortion nowadays were very alarming, which taking the lives of innocent babies. One of the main causes of abortion is unwanted or teenage pregnancy, but some women have various reasons for doing this hilarious thing.

Whatever reasons do they have is not enough to kill a baby. Babies should be loved and properly care. Abortion will never be the answer to the unwanted and early pregnancy of women.

Mentally-Ill Woman

A concerned netizen named Honey Stepie shared a post in the social media. Honey posted the photos of a mentally impaired woman who gives birth to her baby. She might not have the enough capacity to fully understand her actions, but she was still responsible enough to give birth to a healthy baby.

Mentally-Ill Woman

Some netizens also expressed their concern by seeking help for the woman in taking care of her baby. There are also some who were calling for some appropriate government organization that could help the mentally-ill woman.

Stepie’s post has currently 15k reactions, 13, 307 shares, and more than 3.7k comments.

Mentally-Ill Woman

What can you say about this mentally-impaired woman who gives birth to her little baby? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions for this article.

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