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Look: Jeepney Driver Gets Punched By Hot-Tempered Motorist Caught On Video

Motorist loses cool and punched jeepney driver.

Netizen took to social media and shares a video showing a hot-tempered motorist loses cool and punched the jeepney driver has gone viral.

Don’t let your anger and hatred consumed you, never let yourself be personally affected by it.

This is very important in dealing with your daily struggles. Because if you let yourself the affected by it, then you lose. Your decision-making will be affected, and you may lose control do something that you will only regret later.

Maintain your self-control and maintain and refrain from doing actions that may result in criminal prosecution against you.

Take this video as an example.

Facebook user AJ Camanzo, son a the jeepney driver took to social media and air his complaint about the unidentified motorist who allegedly pointed a gun at his jeepney driver father.

Watch: Jeepney Driver Gets Punched By Violent Motorist Caught On Video

Photo Credits: Facebook

Camanzo posted the video of the incident that shows a guy wearing a black shirt having a heated confrontation with the jeepney driver. A few moments later the guy punch driver with no reasons.

Watch: Jeepney Driver Gets Punched By Violent Motorist Caught On Video

Photo Credits: Facebook

The Facebook post of Camanzo caught the attention of the netizens and earned different reactions.

Netizens were quick to give their reactions on the video and lambasted the guy for being hot-tempered and for his unacceptable behavior.

Some of the commenters revealed that the incident happened in front of Maynilad office in Bacoor and the motorist is allegedly a policeman.

The video has angered the netizens and sparked a heated discussion on social media.

“kung may mali man ung driver ng jip hindi dapat ganun gawin ng matapang na driver na may baril.. tumawag o maghanap sya ng enforcer at sabihin ung dahilan.. hindi ung mananakit sya ng driver.. swerte nya at walang dumaan pulis sa area n yan nung nangyari yan,” netizen said.

“UIJ 373 white van.. Sana bigyan pansin ng kinauukulan para makapagpaliwanag ang taong ito, though sa isang banda mali talaga!” netizen said.

The video garnered thousands of 1,552 shares, 656 Likes and 312 comments.

Watch the viral video here:

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