Overcoming poverty: The Inspiring Story Of A Water Vendor In Cebu

Water vendor in Cebu gets college degree.

Overcoming poverty: The inspiring story of a water vendor in Cebu has caught the attention of the Pinoy online community.

“I’m very thankful. Despite all the challenges I had to overcome, I will soon reap the fruits of my labor,” these were words of a water vendor describing his experiences in life.

Jaykummer Teberio or better known as “Dodoy,” is popular among commuters and motorist in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu.

Teberio does not drive to his school in a nice car. He does not receive any support from other people for his studies. But despite his difficult circumstances, he still manages to graduate from college.

Teberio never complained about his life, he was satisfied with everything that he had.

Look: Water Vendor In Cebu Gets College Degree
Photo Credits to SunStar Cebu

Wearing his straw hat adorned with an artificial flower, Teberio works as a water vendor in Cebu, selling bottled waters in the streets. He is known in the streets because of his creative way of selling his bottled water.

According to a report of SunStar Cebu, Teberio started to selling water in the streets at 12 years old on the sidewalk every day to help his parents to pay for his studies.

He shared that he would wake up at 5 a.m. to help his mother to set up their stall and the leave for school at 7 a.m. and by 3 p.m. he would be out of the streets to sell his bottled water.

Fueled by his experiences and passion for teaching, Teberio took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Heath at the University of Cebu.

Teberio shared his experiences while he was on the streets by saying, “I was called several names such as “boang” (crazy), but I don’t mind. Those negative comments have inspired me to work harder and study better. At least what I’m doing is decent,” Dodoy said.

He plans to work for a private school after passing the Licensure Examination for teachers.

He may be on the streets today selling his bottled water, but the water vendor will be trading this for a graduation cap a month from now!

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