Throwback: Ferdinand Marcos’ Dark Record In Philippine History

Ferdinand Marcos’ Dark Record In The Philippine History, Reminisced By A Historian

Reminiscing Ferdinand Marcos dark record in the Philippine history, the historians stated how did Marcos fake his heroism and rules the country.

During the World War II, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) reservist, ‘Ferdinand Marcos’ was called by the government to serve as a Philippine army. He was included on the Bataan death march and freed in 1942.

After his bravery during World War II, lies and pretension became Marcos’ remarks as an army. Maharlika Guerrilla Unit led by Marcos is a fraudulent, According to the investigation of U.S army. He also boasts his distinguish service cross which General Mac Arthur himself hung it for him.

Dark Record

Dr. Ricardo Jose, expert war historian from U.P Third World Studies Center declines Marcos claims. Jose said that alive persons from guerrilla units were interviewed and concluded that Marcos has no proof for his heroism claims.

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