TRENDING: Lin, Chen Prove Love Knows No Boundaries As They Defy Odds

Lin Yanhua and Chen Guiyun inspired many netizens with their amazing love story.

LIN – A couple in China inspired many netizens as their photo, captioned with their love story, went viral in Facebook.

Usually, what people believe in are fairy tale stories with great characters – a perfectly persistent prince who married an ever beautiful princess. But as plebeian as the belief, that is far from reality.

Great love stories in the real world are not the ones ornamented with crowns, wealth or power but the ones that defy all odds. These stories bear two people who are willing to go through everything, to bridge gaps, and to make their love last.

Photo by VCG

One great love story that recently went viral in social media is the story of  Lin Yanhua and Chen Guiyun from China. Their photos which were uploaded by Trending in China have inspired a lot of citizens.

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