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Motherhood And Entrepreneurship In One

Motherhood can be the most challenging and rewarding job woman could experience, where you take so much to sacrifice. But it doesn’t stop there, being a mother could also mean being businesswoman.

CEO Moms, a startup community in the Philippines aims to build a network for all ladies to create a support system thru online courses and workshops, where questions can be asked, share business ideas and share tips, and collaborate.

Bianca Medina and Celine Villanueva, founders of CEO moms, started the journey out of their vision and mission to empower women in all ways possible.


But how? here are some tips and advice to all mothers and mother-to-be:

Know you personal values. These will lead you to your career path. It should be one of your passions, and list down all the important values that make up your life’s decisions. Some of the most important values are honesty, integrity, empowerment, and excellence. So think of what kind of a product or service that goes along with these values?

Look on past events of life and determine the happiest moments. Meditate, walk outside and breath deeply and stop – think of the times you have had your great victories in life, where you are most happy with, either winning in a dance contest, landing your first job. Recall, recall, recall.

Find a business partner that fits. To have the best partner that fits your vision and values are essential. Just like in marriage, it means facing the work together, every day.

It may be challenging to find the best fit and it takes more time, but once you have the one, never hesitate to take the leap of faith!

Be proud, be confident! As moms, dealing with meetings and attending to your baby can be very challenging, that you just want to hide your kids just to not get the attention of the you are talking with, but you have to proud of it! Your a mom, and that can mean you are a super woman too. Dealing with multiple tasks can be overwhelming, but with patience and perseverance, you’re going to make it!

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