Jodi Sta. Maria Confirmed That She Will Not Be The Next Amor Powers

On the farewell press conference of “Be Careful With My Heart,” Maya or Jodi Sta. Maria confirmed that she will not be portraying the role of Amor Powers in the remake of “Pangako Sa’yo.” It was first been portrayed by Eula Valdez way back in 2002.

Pangako Sa'yo remake

Talking about the ending of their hit morning TV series, Jodi said that she wants to take a break after the shooting of “Be Careful With My Heart.” This already aired in TV’s nationwide for over 2 years. It is set to end this November 28, 2014.

According to Jodi, ABS-CBN knows that she first want to take a break after the successful “Be Careful With My Heart.”

Somehow, she also said that she is very open on working with Teen King and Queen who is rumored to play the main cast of “Pangako Sa’yo.” Based on her, she really like the two young actors considering the fact that even though they were very famous, they still remain to be humble.

In fact, Kathryn and Daniel appeared in “Be Careful” being the young “Manang Fe” and “Mang Anastacio.” It happened when “Manang Fe” recalled her young love life and shared it to the Lim Family. After which, she had said that even though love formed when they were young, they did not work out on it and decided to be just friends. After all, they remained to be still friends, just friends.

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Other information about the remake of “Pangako Sa’yo” is yet to be announced.

Watch Jodi’s exclusive interview here.

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