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Date Published:

7:57 PM June 28, 2014

Date Updated:

10:33 AM June 30, 2014

in: Entertainment
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Before the start of the “Battle Rounds” between the 18 artists of Team Lea, the aspiring kid singers of Coach Lea Salonga joined their coach as they performed during the opening number of The Voice Kids Ph on Saturday night, June 28, 2014. Team Lea showcased the singing talents of Mariane Interino, Karla Cruz, and Darlene Vibares as the sang the song “Firework” during the Battle Round.

Watch the Battle Round Featuring Mariane vs. Karla vs. Darlene:

Results: Darlene Vibares Won and Proceed to the Sing-Off Round

The 11-year-old Marianne Interino performed the song Luha during her Blind Audition, she faces the 8-year-old Karla Cruz who sang the song “Titanium,” during her blind audition. The 9-year-old Darlene Vibares performed the song “Girl On Fire,” during the Blind Audition of The Voice Kids Philippines.

The six aspiring kid singers will then performed in the Sing-Off Rounds with only two (2) artist to perform in the “Live Rounds” of The Voice Kids Philippines. Don’t forget to watch the top-rating show “The Voice Kids Ph,” hosted by Luis Manzano and Alex Gonzaga which airs every Saturdays at 6:45 PM and on Sundays at 7:30 PM.

Mariane Karla Darlene

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