Michael Martinez Mother Clarifies Government Support for Son

Michael Christian Martinez mother, Maria Teresa Martinez clarified earlier reports that his son got no support from the Philippine government. According to the mother of the lone Philippine Olympian in Sochi, the Aquino administration helped his son in the Winter Olympics.

Teresa Martinez

The mother of Christian Martinez clarified through a letter sent to The Star on Monday stating that his son got financial (–foul word(s) removed–)istance from the Philippine government.

The 17-year-old Michael Christian Martinez placed 19th overall in the medal round of the Figure Skating event with the final score of 184.25 points way behind the Japanese winner Yuzuru Hanyu who got 290.09 points good enough for gold.

Mrs. Teresa Martinez narrated that on October 27, 2013, she had sent an email message to the Office of the President, requesting direction on how she could inform President of his son’s participation in the Winter Olympics and their dire need of financial support.

According to Martinez, she had no doubt that if President Aquino had received the message, he would certainly push for government compensation for Michael in the Olympics.

Teresa Martinez clarified the viral interview was conducted on December 9, 2013 by freelance reporter Simone Orendaine, wherein she had expressed doubts on whether her message reached the intended recipient since it had been more than a month she had not received a reply.

Teresa Martinez also thanked the management of SM, the Philippine Skating Union, and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) for their help. The POC is also a private agency, and not a branch of the government according to the Philippine Star.

Michael Christian Martinez was able to obtain a scholarship from the International Olympic Committee through the POC. He was entitled to $1,500 a month for eight months until February 2014. The POC already delivered the stipend from July to October, while the balance has yet to be given.

Teresa Martinez also confirmed that they had finally received financial support from the Philippine Sports Commission who pledged $50 daily allowance or $1,200 fro 24 days for Michael’s stint in Sochi delivered by POC executive secretary Gina Calaguas last February 13, 2014. 

The PSC had also given $7,200 directly to Michael’s Russian coach Viktor Kudryavtsev on that same date, as payment for his coaching duties while in Sochi which only covers January 30 up to the end of February.

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