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Lauren Young Admitted Her Relationship with Elmo Magalona

mmIf Miss World 2013 Megan Young tease and paired with Mikael Daez, her sister Kapuso actress Lauren Young is paired with Elmo Magalona.

Elmo Magalona is the love-team of Julie Anne San Jose, and when Lauren was asked if it’s alright with her to be the leading-lady of Magalona in one of the project, the actress is not worried about this issue, especially for the avid fans of San Jose and Magalona, thus all she want is to focus in her job and she don’t want to entertain haters, because she don’t want to waste her time to those things when she have so many good things happening in her life and family right now.

Since Young and Magalona were spotted dating together and rumored that they have relationship, still both of them doesn’t confirm yet their status.

In recent interview Young and Magalona said that someone inspires them to do their job well, but they never told the specific person behind that made their eyes sparkle.

19-year-old Young and Magalona said that they were happy and contented being together, as friends and even though they hang out sometimes, they were doing that thing without any malice, for the fact that they were enjoying their companionship.

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