Marquez to Pacquiao: Train Hard for I train like a warrior

Marquez vs Pacquiao
Marquez vs Pacquiao

The challenge started to roll out as two of the world’s top fighters in boxing were set to have their face off this coming November 12.

Like any other high and top ranking bout, words flourished as way of expressing and raising more challenge.

As to the Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez, he gave his message to the Philippines Manny Pacquiao , the world’s 8-division title holder, through emphasizing that Pacquiao must trained hard for as to his part, he said that he had been training like a warrior.

Marquez was also confident that it would not be a problem for him fighting for 144-pound catchweight.Aside from physical training, it was also reported that mental training was also part of the preparation.

Added, to ensure the good progress and conditioning for this weight division, Marquez and his team had hired weight expert.

In  Pacquiao’s interview at where he revealed that he was already thinking of retiring from boxing after few more fights, he also mentioned that he had been expecting Marquez on his best on the night of their match.

To recall, Marquez and Pacquiao had faced each other twice, first in 2004 with a draw result and the second took place 2008 where the result favored to Pacquiao.

As part of the promo tour for the much-awaited fight, Juan Manuel Marquez came to the Philippines. In fact, he had traveled for 30 hours coming from Mexico.

As reported via, after going to Manila Hotel, Marquez had to go to some intended itineraries and he had already started his training and warm up for the Philippines. After their promo tour in the Philippines, Pacquiao and Marquez would be going to New York, Los Angeles and Mexico for further promotional activities. And just like the previous fights, the upcoming event had been one of the years highlights especially in Las Vegas.

Jogging at Quirino Grand Stand made him felt like he had been enjoying the weather in Manila. He may not be a Filipino and can’t speak Tagalog but when he was given Key to the City by Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, he uttered “Mahal ko Kayo.”

Both Pacquiao and Marquez were looked up to be the few best fighters in the world today. And as the saying goes, expect the unexpected, whose punch would realize the words?

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