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Two Manila Police Promise to cooperate after the alleged disappearance of 12 million ransom money.

Manila Police

Manila Police

Two Manila Policemen promised to cooperate with the authority to solve the case on the alleged disappearance of the ransom money worth 12 million.

The Deputy Director for operations and head of the team Senior Superintendent Fidel Posadas told the reporters that they will take the case seriously. He also added that the last time decision of the policemen not to surrender themselves in probation was based on their lawyer’s advice.

However, realizing that by not surrendering their self to the authority is a wrong move; two of the six policemen went to Manila Police Department General Assignment Section which in charge of conducting the inquiry and said that they are willing to cooperate to clear their names out.

With big money at risk and the reputation of the Manila Police Department is at stake, Mayor Lim has already ordered the MPD to take the case seriously and find out where the 12 million money went that served as a ransom given to a gang led by Marlon Lopera that kidnapped a Malaysian Trader.

Members of the team that arrested the group of Lopera are MPD station 5 commander supt. Felipe Cazon Jr., Senior Inspector Peter Nervisa, SPO3 Ernesto Peralta, PO3 Jefferson Brittanico, PO3 Mike Ongpauco and PO1 Rommel Santos Ocampo.

16 million was the ransom money asked by the kidnappers but only 4.2 million were reported back to the station. Marlon Lopera leader of the kidnappers that has been arrested said that the money was intact when the police took it from him.

The policemen under probe have walked out last Friday while the investigation is on going. On the following day they have also failed to show up for the continuation of investigation. This action was been condemned by Chief Supt. Roberto Rongavilla which lead him to the decision of ordering the MPD units to looks for the five and hold them for investigation.

According to source the policemen had hired a lawyer who advised them not to attend the inquiry.

“They don’t need a lawyer yet” Posadas said to the reporters, he explained that this was just an inquiry where they only need to explain their actions and clear out their side. He also added that this action of the policemen only made them more in trouble.

Posadas also stressed out that if the policemen involved in the issue would not attend the next proceeding investigation they will be declared AWOL or Absent without Official Leave.

Rongavilla said that there will be a fair investigation and in that connection there will be no charges filled to the six police unless they haven’t explained there side.




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