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IBM hologram

Image by IBM

Holography which was invented by Hungarian-British scientist Dennis Gabor in 1947 have made significant progress for the last few years. By the advent of lasers this technique that allows the light scattered from an object and reconstructed later to form a three dimensional object had been used in various science fiction movies.

Not until now for just recently IBM have predicted that hologram can also be used in mobile phones, it is one of their boldest predictions. Every year IBM researchers released their latest technology forecasts for the next five years and cell phone hologram is one of their highlights.

International Business Machine, the world’s largest provider of computer services and one of the big corporation   that invests on long-term research through the Almaden Research Lab. Just a clarification for the term hologram which was used also by GMA 7 a local television station from the Philippines during the 2010 Philippine National Election.

According to technology experts from around the world the image that presented by the GMA 7 was not a hologram but they used Chroma Key Compositing.  A hologram is a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation according to Merriam-Websters Dictionary. It was clear that there is no 3D effects on the interview conducted by GMA to President Aquino, the image were visible only on tv screen and not in the studio.  The other one which is used by CNN and ABS-CBN was the Augmented Reality Virtual Presence Technology but still it is not considered as Hologram.

List of other Predictions by IBM for the year 2015:

  1. People will become citizen scientists.
  2. Longer battery life or no batteries at all.
  3. Energy and heat from computer data centers will be recycled.
  4. Adaptive traffic systems.

Some of the predictions that have been  made by IBM for the past few years are already used in the market as of this time. It may become a reality or not one thing for sure, IBM have done their share in doing research and sharing their findings to the rest of the world.


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