VIDEO: Andrea Brillantes Surprising 2 Household Helpers W/ Motorcycles

Andrea Brillantes Gifts Her 2 Household Helpers With Motorcycle

ANDREA BRILLANTES – Kapamilya star Andrea Brillantes shared a video gifting her two (2) household helpers with a motorcycle.

Andrea Brillantes is currently a figure who elicits both controversy and admiration in the entertainment scene. Despite being involved in various issues, her unquestionable talent has earned her considerable affection. Recognized for her acting skills, she emerges as one of the most compelling talents in the industry.

According to her social media posts, Andrea is among the artists who delight in attending concerts featuring her idols. Foreign performers have taken notice of her during their concerts on multiple occasions.

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Andrea drew attention with her outfit selection, wearing a distinctive fries costume inspired by Taylor’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’ music video. Netizens couldn’t resist showing their appreciation for her imaginative and fun attire.

Furthermore, Andrea posted a video compilation showcasing her profound admiration for Taylor Swift. The footage captures Andrea and her sisters shedding tears and cheering enthusiastically while watching Taylor’s performance.

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Just recently, the two household helpers of Andrea Brillantes cried after receiving a surprise from her. She gave them a new motorcycle. The video was uploaded on Andrea’s YouTube channel on February 27, 2024.

According to Andrea, she found out that one of them was saving up to buy a motorcycle, while the other one was asking for documents for the requirements of a loan to purchase a motorcycle as well.

She decided to just give her two helpers a new motorcycle, and both of them became emotional.

Photo Source: Youtube

Watch the video below:

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