Toni Fowler to KSMBP: “Wala kayong puwang para sabihan at pagbawalan ako”

Toni Fowler Releases Statement in Response to Charges Filed by KSMBP

Toni Fowler, the popular Pinay vlogger, has issued an official statement in response to the charges filed against her by the Kapisanan ng Social Media Broadcaster ng Pilipinas (KSMBP). These charges stem from explicit content featured in her YouTube videos.

In her statement addressing these allegations, Toni Fowler expressed her intention to defend herself, asserting her right to speak her mind and defend her actions amidst the ongoing controversy.

Toni began her statement by addressing specific allegations made against her and clarified that she had not displayed explicit content involving private human organs but rather adult toys in her content.

Toni Fowler

The content creator urged her critics to clarify this distinction. She also challenged those who accused her of producing criminal content, emphasizing the importance of accuracy and truthfulness in such allegations.

“linawin po ninyo iyan. Hindi ko kayo masisisi kung epekto na ng inyong katandaan ang pagkakaroon ng malabong mata, pero huwag po tayong magsisinungaling lalo na’t krimiinal ang ikinakaso ninyo laban sa akin. Hindi din ho magandang halimbawa sa mga bata ang pagsisinungaling,” she said.

Fowler expressed that nobody has the authority to dictate what women should do, wear, or say, echoing the broader movement advocating for women’s rights and autonomy.

Earlier this week, Toni fowler faces legal charges over explicit youtube videos

The public figure emphasized the importance of thorough research before making accusations or filing a complaint. She also clarified that there were no minors involved in any explicit content she created.

The celebrity expressed her willingness to face the charges filed against her saying “Sa huli, gusto kong sabihin sa inyo na matapang kong haharapin ang mga kasong inihain ninyo laban sa akin dahil kahit na ano pa ang itawag ninyo sa akin, taas noo ko itong haharapin at sasabihing ako’y tahimik lang sa umpisa, pero marunong akong lumaban kahit di ninyo ako pilitin”

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