Student Goes Viral Over Anti-Cheating Cover “Left-handed ako pero I can treat you right”

Lady Student

Lady Student Elicits Reactions Over Anti-Cheating Cover A lady student goes viral online because of her anti-cheating cover with words written “Left-handed ako pero I can treat you right”. Nowadays, school teachers are already making efforts on implementing stricter rules and regulations inside the classroom to prevent students from cheating. Many students still get tempted … Read more

Naughty Teacher Goes Viral Over Test Question: “Write the name of your crush”

Naughty Teacher

Naughty Teacher Earns Reactions Online Over Unusual Test Question TEST QUESTION – A naughty teacher brings kilig to his students after giving test question “Write the name of your crush”. Teacher is a personnel working either in private or public schools to teach academic knowledge to students. They were tasked to help students to acquire knowledge, … Read more

Motorist Air Dismay to PMVIC After Taking 5 Test But Still Failed Goes Viral

Motorist Air Dismay to PMVIC and LTO After Failing to Inspection Test 5 Times A disappointed motorist air dismay to Land Transportation Office (LTO) and to Private Motorcycle Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC) for milking the motorists. The LTO along with the Department of Transportation (DOTr) implemented the new process to renew the registration of your … Read more

PUI in Quezon Test Negative for COVID-19, But Dies of Septic Shock

 PUI in Quezon Dies of Septic Shock as Test Negative of COVID-19 A Person Under Investigation (PUI) patient in Quezon Province tested negative of coronavirus but died because of septic shock. In a report of Inquirer, an unnamed individual who was classified as PUI or person under investigation was tested negative of coronavirus disease 2019 … Read more