Naughty Teacher Goes Viral Over Test Question: “Write the name of your crush”

Naughty Teacher Earns Reactions Online Over Unusual Test Question

TEST QUESTION – A naughty teacher brings kilig to his students after giving test question “Write the name of your crush”.

Teacher is a personnel working either in private or public schools to teach academic knowledge to students. They were tasked to help students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue in order to become a better person in the future.

Teachers also act as the second parents of the students on the school premises. They were expected to look out for and nurture the young students. Educators also help students to be responsible citizens.

Naughty Teacher

A Facebook user named “Rhickz D’ Survivor TV” has shared the video footage of a naughty teacher giving an unusual question to his students during the quiz. The video elicits reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the male educator is conducting a quiz on his students. The quiz consists of 25 questions and even offered P1,000 to anyone from the class who will get a perfect score.

Teacher Ricky gives an easy yet challenging last question to the young learners. He asked them to write the name of their crush. He also urged the students to give their message to their crush.

The educator gets kilig as his beloved students felt kilig during his last test question. The quiz brings joy and excitement to the entire class. The room has been filled with cheer and joy during the entire time.

Here is the full post:

Number 25 write the name of your crush and message (KINILIG SI SIR)

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The internet users expressed their reactions to the video:

Naughty Teacher

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