Student Goes Viral Over Anti-Cheating Cover “Left-handed ako pero I can treat you right”

Lady Student Elicits Reactions Over Anti-Cheating Cover

A lady student goes viral online because of her anti-cheating cover with words written “Left-handed ako pero I can treat you right”.

Nowadays, school teachers are already making efforts on implementing stricter rules and regulations inside the classroom to prevent students from cheating. Many students still get tempted to cheat due to the lack of reviews.

Most educators made their own versions of the anti-cheating headpiece for their students to prevent cheating during quizzes and examinations. The anti-cheating becomes one of the most trending ideas among teachers during exams.

Lady Student

A Facebook user named Allen P. Valdez has shared entertaining photos of his students using folders filled with corny jokes as an anti-cheating cover during the test. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the photos, the students were diligently answering their test questionnaires during the periodic test. However, they were using folders to cover their test papers and prevent their classmates from cheating.

Valdez conducted the Second Periodic Test of his class and required the young learners to bring folders, which will be used as an anti-cheating device. He instructed them to make it creative and witty.

Lady Student

“Pinagawan ko po sila with the instruction na magdala ng folder pantakip ng mga sagot nila, make it witty or creative,” Valdez said.

Here is the full post:

Second Periodic Test • Day 1

Para less pressure sa exam, idaan sa ganyan. Ang cocorny niyo, este ang wiwitty niyo. HAHAHA! Tin-kung-kua!

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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