‘Congrats anak katapusan mo na!’ Mom’s Hilarious Graduation Greeting Goes Viral

Hilarious Graduation Greeting

Mom’s Hilarious Graduation Greeting for Senior High School Student Goes Viral ‘Congrats anak katapusan mo na!’ – A mom’s hilarious graduation greeting goes viral and elicits reactions online. Social media was filled with laughter as a mother’s simple congratulatory message to her child who graduated from Senior High School (SHS) at Arellano University went viral. … Read more

PWD Graduating Student Shares Remarkable College Journey

PWD Graduating Student

PWD Graduating Student Shares College Journey “Sa pagiging deaf ko, matagal na akong nakakatanggap ng diskriminasyon“ In a heartwarming post that has captured the attention of netizens, graduating student Jude shares his remarkable journey and experiences throughout his years of education, despite facing challenging circumstances. Jude Karlos Gonzalez Saniel, a deaf student, defied the odds … Read more

Student Who Graduated as Summa Cum Laude Pays Tribute to his Beloved ‘Lola’


Summa Cum Laude Student Pays Tribute to his Beloved ‘Lola’ During His Graduation An inspiring student who graduated summa cum laude took the opportunity to pay tribute to his grandmother, who had cared for him throughout his academic journey despite being visually impaired. Yancy Panugon expressed his heartfelt gratitude to his beloved grandmother, Norma, during … Read more

Student Who Brings 1-Year-Old Sibling to School Earns Praises Online


Student Earns Praises Online After Bringing 1-Year-Old Sibling to School A young student who brings his one-year-old sibling in school goes viral and garnered praises from the online community. A remarkable act of responsibility and dedication by a grade-9 student from Mantalongon National High School in Dalaguete town, southeastern Cebu, has captured the hearts of … Read more

“Hindi pa po ako patay, gagraduate pa lang” Student Clears Up Viral Graduation Photo


Graduating Student Makes Clarification Regarding Viral Graduation Photo A graduating student clears up his viral graduation photo misunderstanding “Hindi pa po ako patay, gagraduate pa lang”. A netizen named Jaecee recently found himself at the center of attention after a photo of his graduation picture on a vehicle tarpaulin went viral. In an effort to … Read more

Kind Educator Touches Hearts of Netizens “Not only a Teacher, but also a Father”

Kind Educator

Kind Educator Touches Hearts of Netizens A kind-hearted teacher touched the hearts of the netizens for feeding and taking good care of his beloved students. Teaching is a noble profession that goes far beyond imparting knowledge and academic skills. It involves shaping young minds, nurturing character, and providing guidance to students. Teachers have the unique … Read more

News5 Confirms Julian Martir Admission to Universities in US, UK

News5 Shows Proof That Julian Martir was Accepted in Universities in the US and UK TV 5 network’s “News5” confirmed that student Julian Martir has been accepted in several universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Julian Martir, the youngster who recently became viral due to the 30 scholarships he received in the … Read more