Car Driver Successfully Pulled Over to Side After Suffering Stroke

Car Driver

Car Driver Earns Praise for Successfully Preventing Accident Despite Suffering Stroke Car driver successfully prevented an accident as he pulled over to the side after suffering a heat stroke behind the wheel. The driver from Jinhua, China emerged slowly from the vehicle and collapsed on the road. The highway patrol officers arrived at the scene … Read more

Bus Driver Suffers Stroke During Trip, Cop Takes Over Stirring Wheel

Bus Driver

Police Man Rescues Passengers After Bus Driver Suffers Stroke During Trip A bus driver suffered a stroke during the trip but a brave cop takes over the stirring wheel and rescue to the passengers. Nowadays, road accident has been one of the major traffic problems in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. It usually … Read more

Frustrated Woman Cries While Seeking Help To Fund Husband’s Medication

Frustrated Woman

Heartbreaking Photos of Frustrated Woman Crying While Seeking Help To Fund Husband’s Medication Circulate Online A frustrated woman cries while seeking help from netizens fund the medications of her husband who suffered from stroke during the lockdown. The Facebook page “The Story of Anthony” has shared the heartbreaking photos of a frustrated woman crying while … Read more

IN PHOTOS: Taxi Driver Suffers Mild Stroke During Trip

Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Suffers Mild Stroke During Trip MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Here are some heartbreaking photos of a poor taxi driver who suffered a mild stroke during his trip. Nowadays, taxi is one of the most popular public utility vehicles not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Taxi offers … Read more

HYPERTENSION: Causes, Complications, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention


Here Are The Essential Things That You Need To Know About Hypertension HYPERTENSION – Here are the causes, complications, symptoms, treatment, and prevention tips on how to prevent high blood pressure. High blood pressure or also known as hypertension is usually portrayed by increased pressure causing various health problems. Narrow arteries increases resistance resulting to … Read more

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Stroke That You Should Know

Warning Signs

Here are the things that you need to know about stroke Here are the warning signs and symptoms of stroke that you need to know to prevent further damage in both brain and body. Stroke is a disease that primarily affects the arteries leading to the brain resulting in disability and can even cause death. … Read more