Mother Seeks Help for 8-Year-Old Son After Stroke in Angono, Rizal

Mother in Angono, Rizal Seeks Help After 8-Year-Old Son Suffers Stroke

A mother in Angono, Rizal is reaching out for assistance after her 8-year-old son suffered a stroke at a young age.

Maria Ria Serevilla, the mother, is seeking for help for her son Crian, who experienced a stroke unexpectedly. Her plead immediately spread like wildfire on social media and elicited reactions from the netizens.

Usually, we think that only older people can have a stroke, but there are some cases where children are also affected by it.


According to Serevilla, Crian was sleeping when he suddenly woke up and started crying. When he woke up, he couldn’t speak anymore, drooling continuously while pointing to his head. The child also kept vomiting until his right hand and foot became paralyzed.

From the signs mentioned by Maria Ria, it is clear that Crian suffered a stroke. In Crian’s case, his mouth twisted, half of his body weakened, and he couldn’t speak.

The child was immediately rushed to the hospital, where it was confirmed that there was a burst vein in his brain.

“Inaantay lang namin po yung kung anong gagawin kasi natatakot din po ako kasi nga po may mga nagsasabi na parang time bomb po siya biglang hindi na lang magigising ang anak ko kasi may mga same situation,” Maria said.

Thanks to early detection, Crian can now speak again and eat normally, but he still cannot open his hands, has difficulty walking, and half of his body is still weak.


For now, the victim needs to be assisted and monitored to prevent a recurrence of what happened.

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What is Stroke?

A stroke happens when the blood flow to part of the brain gets blocked or reduced. This can happen because of a blood clot or a burst blood vessel. When the brain doesn’t get enough blood, it can’t get the oxygen and nutrients it needs, so the brain cells start to die.

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