Gabby Concepcion Asked About “Perfect 10” Actress

gabby concepcion

Gabby Concepcion answered these personal questions in his recent vlog Seasoned actor Gabby Concepcion has this answer when he was asked about the “perfect 10” actress in Philippine showbiz. Gabby is one of the matinee idols of his generation. With his looks and acting caliber, his showbiz career soared high. He is also one of … Read more

Ian Veneracion Says “Nothing cool about being babaero”

ian veneracion

Ian Veneracion asserted being faithful in a relationship Seasoned actor Ian Veneracion said that there is nothing cool about being a womanizer but stressed that he is saying this not because he thinks highly of himself. Ian is one of the most handsome faces in the Philippine entertainment industry. With his looks, charm, and talent, … Read more