Romnick Sarmenta On His Life As A Child Star: “It felt normal”

Romnick Sarmenta enjoyed his childhood in the entertainment industry

Seasoned actor Romnick Sarmenta shared that it felt normal for him having a life of a child star.

At the younge age of 5, Romnick started acting. Through the years, he has done variouy\s roles in series and movies from being a child star until he became a teenager and eventually, a seasoned actor.

Many people perceive that child stars were deprived of their childhood or that they did not had a normal childhood.

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However, Romnick contradicted that belief of many people. Based on the article in Inquirer, the actor said that showbiz can take away a lot of happiness from a person, if he or she will allow it to happen.

He shared that when he was young, he thought that everyone was doing what he was doing – acting in front of the camera. It was only when he was a teenager that he realized that he was different from other people his age.

It felt normal because everybody around me at the time was very open, accepting and family-oriented. The people I worked with treated me like family,” Romnick Sarmenta said.

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The actor also believes that if you know the reason why you are doing the thing you are doing and if that reason is enough to make you happy, then, the happiness will remain. On the other hand, he said that he can’t speak for everybody because what he experienced was unique to him.

“This is all about personal processes, acceptance, mindset and tolerance,ā€ Romnick added. On the other hand, he admitted that there are things he feel bad about the industry but he does not let these affect his perspective as a whole. Romnick Sarmenta stressed that he just need to find a new reason to be grateful.

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