Biker Dies from Heat Stroke in Quezon


Biker in Quezon Lost His Life Due to Heat Stroke A biker reportedly lost his life after suffering a heat stroke while riding his bike along Barangay Bucal, Sariaya, Quezon. Heat stroke is a serious medical condition that occurs when the body overheats to a dangerous level, often as a result of prolonged exposure to … Read more

Father & Son Lost Their Lives After Attacked Inside Their Home


Fearless Suspect Attacked Father and Son in Mulanay, Quezon MULANAY, QUEZON – A father and son lost their lives after being brutally attacked inside their home. Crime is a broad and complicated problem that affects communities all around the world. Crime, from petty robbery to severe acts, threatens the safety and well-being of individuals and … Read more

Man Falls to His Death While Allegedly Attempting Robbery


Man Dies After Trying to Rob Establishment in Quezon A man lost his life after attempting a robbery and falling from the third floor of a building in Atimonan, Quezon. Robbery, defined as the unlawful taking or attempted taking of property from an individual or institution using force or intimidation, has long been a major … Read more

Ambulance Catches Fire After Lightning Strike in Quezon


Lightning Strikes Ambulance, Emergency Vehicle Catches Fire Fires have been a recurring concern for communities around the world throughout history, wreaking devastation on lives and property. Fires can occur in different kinds of situations, including private residences, commercial buildings, industrial sites, and even natural surroundings. While fire is an important tool in human civilization, the … Read more

Mysterious Image Resembling Jesus Captivates Residents of General Luna, Quezon

Mysterious Image

Mysterious Image Resembling Jesus in General Luna, Quezon Elicits Reactions From Netizens A mysterious image resembling the image of the Lord Jesus Christ captivates the residents of General Luna, Quezon. Residents of Barangay Poblacion 1 in General Luna, Quezon were left astonished when they came across an image captured at around 7:16 PM last Monday … Read more

Male Teenager Dies After Punched by “Naalimpungatan” Classmate in His Neck

Male Teenager

Male Teenager Passes Away After Punched by “Naalimpungatan” Classmate During Outing GUINAYANGAN, QUEZON – A male teenager died after he was punched by his “Naalimpungatan” classmate during an outing. The 17-year-old guy passed away after being punched by his classmate on his neck during their escapade at a resort. The group reportedly stayed overnight at … Read more