Manny Pacquiao Believes Filipinos Can Beat China: “Malakas loob natin e”

Manny Pacquiao Remarks on Filipinos vs China Question Goes Viral The presidential aspirant and Senator Manny Pacquiao go viral over his answer to Boy Abunda’s question if Filipinos can handle China. Pacquiao is the most recent presidential candidate to be interviewed on the presidential interview by Boy Abunda, the “King of Talk.” Each candidate responds … Read more

Saab Magalona Reacts Following Leni Robredo Interview with Boy Abunda

Saab Magalona Expresses Reactions to Leni Robredo Interview with Boy Abunda SAAB MAGALONA – The actress has expressed her thoughts following the viral interview of VP Leni Robredo with Boy Abunda on Wednesday. On Thursday, Saab turned to Twitter to share her thoughts, which appear to be aimed at someone. She stated that a public … Read more

Jim Paredes Called Marcos “Duwag” Over Absence from Interview

Jim Paredes Called Marcos “Duwag” for No-Show on Presidential Interview Singer Jim Paredes chides Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr and called him ‘duwag’ for over his absence on presidential interview. The legendary OPM singer did not hold back in criticizing presidential candidate and former senator Bongbong Marcos. In several of his social media posts, he referred … Read more

Ping Lacson Reacts To BBM’s ‘Biased’ Accusation Against Jessica Soho

ping lacson jessica soho bongbong marcos

Ping Lacson was asked about this statement of Bongbong Marcos against Jessica Soho Senator Ping Lacson shared his reaction to the “biased” accusation of former Senator Bongbong Marcos against Kapuso seasoned journalist Jessica Soho. BBM was the only presidential aspirant among the top 5 candidates who refused to join the presidential interviews hosted by the … Read more