School in Oriental Mindoro Barter Plants in Exchange of School Supplies

Plants Barter to School Supplies Way of School in Oriental Mindoro to Help Students A school in Oriental Mindoro has come up with a way to give the needs of students for a blended learning plan for the upcoming school year. Teachers of Campaasan Elementary School in Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro decided to barter their school … Read more

Old Farmer Shocks Management After Converting Football Stadium Into Farm

Old Farmer

Old Farmer Plots Vegetable at Football Stadium Amid Pandemic An old farmer shocked the management after converting an expensive professional football stadium into a farm filled with plants. The Instagram user “redgank_psm” has shared the video footage of an Indonesian professional football stadium in Makassar, Indonesia that was converted by a farmer into a field. … Read more

Marvelous Rainbow Trees That Can Be Found in Mindanao, Philippines

Marvelous Rainbow Trees That Can Be Found in the Philippines Marvelous rainbow trees that can be found in some parts of Mindanao, this particular multicolored tree is one of the natural wonders of the Philippines. The tree is called the Eucalyptus deglupta or Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, found in the countries of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, … Read more

Eco Hub Cebu Develops Plantable Pencils That Grow Into Plants

Plantable Pencils

Plantable Pencils That Grow Into Plants, Developed by Cebu-Based Business Eco Hub Cebu, a Cebu-based startup developed and sells plantable pencils that can grow into plants by just placing its stub on the soil. The Cebu company produced plantable pencils with “gelatin capsule” tail end that contains plant seeds. The company said that the plantable … Read more

Top Indoor Plants You Should Have in Bedroom For Better Sleep

Indoor Plants

Get Better Sleep By Having This Top Indoor Plants In Your Bedroom Indoor plants are mostly used as decoration at home, but displaying in your bedroom can be beneficial and promotes good sleep quality. Many people were suffering from sleeping disorders including sleep apnea, night terrors, and insomnia. Sleep apnea is a type of sleep … Read more

Powerful Health Benefits Of Bowstring Hemp

Bowstring Hemp

Bowstring Hemp Amazing Health Benefits The Bowstring Hemp can be usually found in the garden of our homes without knowing that it can be used as medicine, because of its powerful health benefits. “Sansevieria trifasciata” is the scientific name of the herbaceous perennial plant ‘Bowstring Hemp’. It is also known as snake plant, viper’s bowstring … Read more