PLANT LIFE CYCLE: The Six Stages Of A Plant And Four Cycles

PLANT LIFE CYCLE: The Life And Death Of A Plant And The Four Types Of Cycles

PLANT LIFE CYCLE – In this topic, we will discuss the six stages of a plant life cycle and know the four kinds of its cycles.


Like humans and animals, the plant also go through stages in life before it dies. There are six stages overall: Seed, plant, flower, fruit then back to seeds, then the plant dies.

The Six Stages

  • Seed/Spores (Beginning) – Everything begins with a seed, or in the case of seedless plants, spores, which were placed under the ground. Eventually, it will germinate or it will begin to grow.
  • Plant – Little by little, the plant keeps on growing and growing until it matures.
  • Flower – The plant would then produce flowers and pollen. Both of them are required to produce the next stage.
  • Fruit – One of the things that we eat and it contains the seeds needed to make another plant.
  • Seeds (Result)– The fruit will then release the seeds in order for them to become new plants.
  • Death– The old plant then dies, thus, the cycle is complete.

Now there are four kinds of life cycles: annuals, biennials, perennials, and monocarpic.

4 Kinds of Plant Cycles

  • Annuals – Plants that take one year to complete the cycle
  • Biennials – Plants that take two years to complete the cycle
  • Perennials – Plants that take several years to complete the cycle
  • Monocarpic – Plants that seeds only once, but may take several years to grow to maturity.

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