VIDEO: Andi Eigenmann’s Simple Anniversary Date W/ Philmar Alipayo

Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo 2

Inside Andi Eigenmann & Philmar Alipayo “Best Anniversary” Celebration ANDI EIGENMANN – Actress-turned-vlogger Andi Eigenmann said its her “best anniversary date ever.” Andi Eigenmann is an actress, product endorser, and vlogger. She’s the daughter of award-winning actress Jacklyn Jose and Mark Gil and is the half-sister of Sid Lucero, Gabby Eigenmann, and Max Eigenmann. The … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Shares Inspiring Progress In Fitness Journey

Andi Eigenmann

Netizens get inspired seeing the fitness progress of Andi Eigenmann and here’s a video of it. ANDI EIGENMANN – Months after giving birth to her third child, Andi Eigenmann shared her great improvement in getting in shape. Fitness is for everyone and fitness is a need. Health experts say that being fit is an indication … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Gives Advice To Parents Traveling With Kids

Andi Eigenmann

Here are some tips Andi Eigenmann shared with parents who are with their kids when they travel. ANDI EIGENMANN – Celebrity-vlogger mom Andi Eigenmann went to Bali with her kids and based on personal experience, here are some tips. Just recently, Andi Eigenmann with her partner Philmar Alipayo and three kids went to Bali in … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Turns 32 and Philmar Has This Sweet Message For Her

Andi Eigenmann

Just recently, Andi Eigenmann turned 32 years old and her partner penned this message for her in a post. ANDI EIGENMANN – Celebrity-vlogger Andi Eigenmann celebrates her birthday and Philmar Alipayo posted these photos of her with a sweet caption. Birthdays are our milestones and Andi Eigenmann recently reached another milestone in her life. With … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Shares First-Ever International Trip w/ Family

Andi Eigenmann

Celebrity-vlogger mom Andi Eigenmann and her family flies to Bali, their first international trip. ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous celebrity-vlogger mom Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo along with their children go to Indonesia. The world is now slowly adjusting to the new normal with the pandemic. Things now are not as strict as before, but safety … Read more

Jake Ejercito Shares Heartwarming Photos of Andi and Ellie

Jake Ejercito

Netizens were touched by this post of Jake Ejercito on social media. JAKE EJERCITO – Kapamilya actor Jake Ejercito posts these two photos online that touched a lot of hearts and here are some reactions to them. Celebrity couple Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann might have not had their happy ending with each other but … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Shares Her Weight Loss Journey, Celebs React To Post

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s the inspiring weight loss journey of Andi Eigenmann through an IG reel. ANDI EIGENMANN – Television actress Andi Eigenmann shares her weight loss journey in a post and her celeb friends have these reactions. Being fat is not necessarily a choice for everyone. There are these underlying conditions such as PCOS and thyroid problems … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Talks About ‘Tough Time’ After Typhoon Odette

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Andi Eigenmann shared how they are now after typhoon Odette Celebrity vlogger Andi Eigenmann shared an update on their situation now after the typhoon Odette hit Siargao last December. Andi, her partner Philmar Alipayo, and their three kids are living in the surfing capital of the Philippines for many years now. The former actress would … Read more

Philmar Alipayo Shares 1st Photo He Took in Siargao After Typhoon Odette

Philmar Alipayo, Siargao

Philmar Alipayo Shares Photo of Odette Aftermath In Siargao PHILMAR ALIPAYO – Professional surfer Philmar Alipayo shared the first photo he took in Siargao after super typhoon Odette. Siargao was among the islands in the Philippines that’s badly beaten by the super typhoon Odette. It ripped off roofs, destroyed power poles, and knocked out electricity … Read more