Two Individuals Suffer Minor Injuries After Being Struck by Ambulance

Two Individuals

Two individuals who were crossing a road in Tanza, Cavite, sustained minor injuries when they were hit by an ambulance. The victims had attempted to cross the road after an SUV had cleared their path, but an ambulance accidentally collided with them, resulting in both individuals falling to the ground with minor injuries.

Ambulance Accidentally Hit 2 Pedestrians in Tanza, Cavite


2 Pedestrians Sustain Injuries After Being Hit by Ambulance in Tanza, Cavite An ambulance accidentally hit two female pedestrians in Tanza, Cavite, the victims suffered minor injuries. The accident took place in Barangay Punta Uno in Tanza, where four women were waiting to cross the road on a late Monday evening (September 25, 2023). One … Read more

Netizen Slams Disrespectful Motorists Who Do Not Know to Give Courtesy to Pedestrians

Disrespectful Motorists

Netizen Slams Disrespectful Motorists For Not Giving Courtesy to Pedestrians A concerned netizen berated the rude drivers who don’t know how to be considerate to pedestrians. The Philippine government is currently enforcing stricter rules and regulations across the nation in an effort to regulate traffic and stop the increasing number of accidents. The traffic authorities … Read more

Pedestrians Refusing to Take Sidewalks & Walking Along Roadside Goes Viral


Video of Pedestrians Refusing to Take Sidewalks and Walking Along Roadside Goes Viral The video footage of several pedestrians refusing to take sidewalks and walking along the roadside goes viral and elicits comments online. The Facebook page “VISOR” has shared video footage of some pedestrians walking along the road and neglecting sidewalks. The video immediately … Read more

Cop Jailed After Reckless Driving Left 2 Deaths, 6 Injured in Bohol Mishap

Reckless Cop Arrested for Killing 2 Pedestrians and Rams Motorists in Bohol A cop from Tagbilaran City, Bohol was arrested after his reckless driving resulted in the death of two (2) pedestrian and four others injured. Two people were killed and six others were injured, according to Tagbilaran City police, after a car operated by … Read more

DOH Advises Cyclists & Pedestrians to Watch Out for Heatstroke This Dry Season


Health Department Advises Cyclists & Pedestrians to Take Precautionary Measures to Prevent Heatstroke This Dry Season The Department of Health (DOH) advised the cyclists and pedestrians to watch out for heatstroke during this dry season. DOH Director IV Dr. Beverly Ho advised the public to take precautionary measures during this summer season to protect themselves … Read more

Isko Moreno Expresses Dismay Towards Pedestrians Climbing Road Barricade

Isko Moreno

Isko Moreno Expresses Disappointment Towards Pedestrians Climbing Road Barricade Placed To Prevent Accidents Metro Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has expressed his disappointment towards some pedestrians climbing a road barricade placed by the authorities. Francisco Moreno Domagoso has been one of the most discussed personalities online after imposing stricter rules and regulation throughout the entire Metro … Read more