Social Media Post Claiming ‘Having a child is an investment’ Draws Criticism

‘Having a child is an investment’ Social Media Post Elicits Comments Online

A social media post suggesting that having more children increases a family’s chances of becoming wealthy draws online criticism.

Recently, a Facebook user named Steph St. Croix shared a controversial post containing a screenshot of another netizen’s post entitled “Having a child is an investment.” The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the post, a lady netizen recounts overhearing a conversation between her mother and her mother’s friend about their children.

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The social media user heard her mom’s friend stating that she has more chance of becoming wealthy because of her seven children. Meanwhile, her mom stated that she only had three children and her eldest child failed to meet her expectations.

After hearing her mom’s conversation, the netizen immediately left

Many internet users expressed their disapproval, arguing that children should not be seen as a means to an end, particularly not for financial gain. They emphasized that the primary reason for having children should be love and the desire to raise a family, not economic benefit.

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Some of them discuss how societies may value large families and view children as potential sources of support in old age.

Most users advocate for viewing children as individuals to be nurtured and supported, rather than as investments with the hope of future returns.

Here is the full post:

“Having a child is an investment…

Last Sunday, I overheard the conversation between my mom and her friend. They’re talking abt their children of course (including me), I stood outside and listen to their conversation.

My mom: Buti kapa 7 ang anak mo, marami kapang chance.

Mom’s friend: Ay oo sis, 7 sila lahat impossible naman na kahit isa sakanila walang makapagpayaman saamin diba.

My mom: Oo, hindi ka man sinwerte sa panganay mo at least may 6 ka pang aasahan. Sakin tatlo lang, yung panganay ko alanganin pa.

After hearing those, umalis nako agad sa kinatatayuan ko. Like??? Nag aanak kayo para may magpayaman sainyo? What kind of a mindset is that? Ang maganak ng marami para mas malaki yung chance na yumaman? Jeezzz”

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