Joel Lamangan on ‘Tarayan’ with Darryl Yap: ‘Huwag na sanang lumala’

Joel Lamangan shared his thoughts on the issue between him and Darryl Yap

Veteran director Joel Lamangan said that he hopes that the “tarayan” between him and fellow filmmaker Darryl Yap will not get worse.

Direk Joel is the director of the movie Oras de Peligro which is a rival of Direk Darryl’s Martyr or Murderer. The two movies are set to premiere on March 1. Direk Joel’s movie is anti-Marcos while Direk Darryl’s film tells the story of how was the life of the Marcoses before and after Martial Law.

joel lamangan
📷: Inquirer

The veteran director is a known critic of the current Marcos administration. He supported the candidacy of former Vice President Leni Robredo. In previous statements, Direk Joel Lamangan slammed Direk Darryl Yap for making movies that are supposedly altering history.

Amid the “patutsada” from Direk Joel, Direk Darryl said that he might answer the veteran director if his social media followers will reach 1 million. The younger director was accused of doing the MoM movie as “pantapat” to Direk Joel’s movie.

However, Direk Darryl showed a previous interview clip in which the veteran director said that he will do a movie as “pantapat” to Maid in Malacanang, the first part of the younger director’s trilogy.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, Direk Joel Lamangan does not want this conflict with his fellow director to go further. “My only wish: Huwag na sanang lumala ang ganitong uri ng pagtatarayan. I don’t need stress in my life right now,” he said.

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📷: Darryl Yap’s FB Page

He also said that he is not angry with the younger director. “I feel no anger toward Darryl. He wasn’t born yet when the Edsa Revolution happened. This is why I’m sure that his knowledge about it is very limited and that he only learned about that chapter of our history from people who are helping finance this kind of movie,” the veteran director said.

Direk Joel Lamangan also shared that he does not mind people’s perception of the supposed intentional faceoff of his movie against Direk Darryl Yap’s movie “As long as it will help both movies attract more audience. We’re already having difficulty convincing people to make time to go to movie houses, so if this will make them curious about what Darryl and I are talking about, then it’s a good thing,” Direk Joel said.

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