Edu Manzano Shows Support For Cherry Pie Picache’s Movie

Edu Manzano debunked breakup rumors with Cherry Pie Picache

Veteran actor Edu Manzano showed support for his girlfriend actress Cherry Pie Picache amid the breakup rumors

In late 2021, Edu and Cherry Pie confirmed their relationship. Through their social media posts, netizens noticed the romance between them. Eventually, the couple admitted the real score between them.

They received support from their family and friends and fans who tagged them as the PieDu couple. However, in the latter part of 2022, rumors surfaced that they are no longer together because they haven’t shared updates about themselves or their relationship.

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In December last year, Cherry Pie Picache shared a photo with Edu Manzano which debunked the breakup speculations.

Once again, the couple proved that they are still together in a recent premiere night of the movie Oras de Peligro, based on the article in PEP. Edu showed support for her girlfriend who is the lead actress in the said Joel Lamangan film.

“I’ve been shooting since September kasi. Di pa kami tapos. Halos every day ang taping namin, so di ako nakalalabas. Now, si Pie naman ngayon is busy with Batang Quiapo, the more we won’t be able to see each other,” Edu explained.

Photo Source: Youtube

He added that as long as a project is not yet finished, this is their situation. The actor also pointed out that the friendship between them is a strong foundation of their relationship.

Sixty seven na ako. What kind of relationship do you want? But you cannot deny the fact na matagal ko na siyang kaibigan for the past forty years, so we’re good friends,” he said.

Edu Manzano also commended Cherry Pie Picache for her role in the movie about what happened during the martial law era. “I’m here to support Pie, of course, and to also support the film. It’s a well-made film,” he said.

The actor also said that watching the film made him recollect his memories back in the 1980s. He also commended the movie for showing parallel videos, newspapers, and interviews of people who suffered during that time. “There’s no intent to mislead the public,” the actor added.

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