Online Cheating Due To Flawed System Says PH Teachers

Teachers Say Online Cheating Amid Distance Learning Due To Flawed System

ONLINE CHEATING – Teachers in the Philippines say online cheating amid the new learning scheme is due to a flawed system.

Currently, the Philippines is among a few countries that still hasn’t opened face-to-face classes. As such, teachers and students use the new blended learning system composed of modules and online lectures.

However, the new system has led to several accounts of cheating online. Furthermore, some parents have even admitted that they do their kids’ modules themselves.

Online Cheating Due To Flawed System Says PH Teachers

Additionally, Facebook groups such as “Online Kopyahan” also gave students access to key answers for modules, tests, and more. In fact, the group composed of over 600k members became so popular that it caught the attention of GMA News.

Due to this, Education Undersecretary Diosdado San Antonio expressed his concerns regarding the issue. During an interview with GMA, he said: “This is alarming. It is not helping that instead of the children putting in their efforts to learn, they just copy from each other“.

Amid the implementation of the new learning scheme, countless students and teachers called out to the Education Department and explained their issues. But, DepEd pushed through with the scheme and said that the opening of classes should be celebrated as a victory.

Meanwhile, teachers such as Kristhean Navales, the president of the Quezon City Public Schools association attribute online cheating due to the students’ struggles.

Based on an article from Inquirer, Navales explained:

I think the distance learning system really encouraged cheating because its design has many flaws. Learning has become a burden to students so they find ways to make the situation easier for them”

Recognizing this, Navels said that teachers and officials should look into what urges students to resort to cheating. Moreover, he emphasized that officials should understand why education seems such a heavy burden for students amid the new learning scheme.

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