Xian Gaza on Netizens Urging to Free Awra Briguela: “Di porke trending maari na palayain”

Xian Gaza Reacts to Netizens Calling to Free Awra Briguela After Nabbed Over Brawl Social media personality and businessman Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza reacts to netizens who are calling to free actor Awra Briguela following his arrest. Following news of the former child star’s detention following a brawl at a Makati City pub, he garnered … Read more

Netizens Criticized Ricci Rivero for Wearing “Rosary”: “Kunyare santo?”

Ricci Rivero Earns Criticisms from Netizens for Wearing “Rosary” During Interview The online community throws hilarious reactions toward basketball player Ricci Rivero for wearing a “rosary” during an interview. Ricci Rivero addressed certain difficulties with his divorce from Andrea Brillantes during an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.” Andrea caught with him at the … Read more

Aiko Melendez TikTok Video Inside Session Hall Drew Flak Online

Aiko Melendez Speaks on TikTok Video Inside Session Hall After Being Criticized Actress-politician Aiko Melendez defended his TikTok video of dancing inside the session hall after receiving criticisms on social media. Aiko Melendez, District 5 Councilor of Quezon City, recently created an uproar on social media after sharing a new TikTok video she shot with … Read more

Kind Educator Touches Hearts of Netizens “Not only a Teacher, but also a Father”

Kind Educator

Kind Educator Touches Hearts of Netizens A kind-hearted teacher touched the hearts of the netizens for feeding and taking good care of his beloved students. Teaching is a noble profession that goes far beyond imparting knowledge and academic skills. It involves shaping young minds, nurturing character, and providing guidance to students. Teachers have the unique … Read more

Little Boy Captures Hearts of Netizens for His Adorable Act While Carrying ‘Bananas’

Little Boy

Little Boy Carrying ‘Bananas’ While Showing Heartfelt Act Goes Viral Online ADORABLE ACT – A little boy captured the hearts of the netizens for his adorable act while carrying ‘Bananas’. A heartwarming incident has captured the attention and affection of netizens, showcasing the innocence of a child who appeared to have packed his belongings and … Read more

“Pose ka nang pose may bayad pala?” – Netizens Relate to Post About Paid Photography

Paid Photography

Netizens Relate to Funny Post About Paid Photography Netizens found themselves relating to a Facebook post by a user named “TapaLord Marlon” after he shared photos taken by a photographer at a wedding he attended. According to TapaLord Marlon, he kept posing for the photographer inside the church, thinking it was for free. To his … Read more