2302 Motorists Apprehended in Exclusive Motorcycle Lane – MMDA

MMDA Apprehended 2302 Motorists for Violating Exclusive Motorcycle Lane Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) apprehended 2302 motorists for violating the exclusive motorcycle lane. Since the exclusive motorcycle lane was fully implemented, the MMDA has caught a total of 2,302 drivers. According to MMDA spokesperson Melissa Carunungan, on the first day of implementation on Monday, March … Read more

Rude Cop Apprehending Motorists without Violations in Pasay Sacked

Rude Cop in Pasay City Sacked for Apprehending Motorists with Violations Pasay city Chief of police sacked his rude cop after he was caught on camera apprehending motorists without alleged violations. After numerous motorists filed complaints against him, a police officer in Pasay City was sacked. This happened after a cop, named Police Lieutenant Ashley … Read more

MMDA Plans to Build Fenced Motorcycle Lanes in EDSA by 2020

MMDA Plans Exclusive Motorcycle Lane to be Implemented in EDSA by 2020 Fenced lanes exclusively for motorcycles along Edsa may rise next year if the plans of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) pushes through. According to the article of Inquirer.net, EDSA currently has a designated motorcycle lane that can be identified by blue lines, … Read more