Rider with No Helmet, License Crash After Trying to Evade Traffic Cops

No Helmet, Driver’s License Rider Crash Over Attempt to Escape Violation

An irresponsible motorcycle rider crash as he tries to escape traffic enforcers apprehending him over no helmet and driver’s license violations.

Road mishaps and accidents increase every day due to irresponsible motorists and so-called ‘kamote riders.’  Both the internet and motorist communities have condemned “kamote drivers,” or reckless drivers on the road, who have been blamed for causing accidents.

No Helmet Rider Crash

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One of the biggest causes of road and vehicular accidents is irresponsible driving. Arrogant drivers that drive impatiently might create a ruckus and inconvenience for other drivers. It generally results in gridlock, injury, and even death.

A video of a traffic enforcement operation when a reckless motorcycle rider crashes on his own while riding his motorbike was posted on Facebook. The rider on an orange Honda Click 125 motorcycle crashes on the road in the footage.

The rider was apparently attempting to flee from traffic officers who were apprehending him for a traffic offense, according to the footage. The rider was arrested for failing to wear a helmet and driving without a valid driver’s license.

However, the rider does not want to get detained, so he drives dangerously into the other lane, blocking numerous vehicles. But his good fortune ran out when he wrecked in front of the traffic cops.

The enforcers admonished the kamote rider and warned him to surrender immediately if anything bad happened to him. Despite the rider’s apology, the officers opted to penalize him and take his motorcycle.

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