Moira Dela Torre Video With Minor Wardrobe Problem Goes Viral

Moira Dela Torre

Netizens have these comments on the video of Moira Dela Torre that went viral online. MOIRA DELA TORRE – Here’s the video of the Kapamilya singer-songwriter that went viral and the comments of the netizens on the post. One of the brightest singer-songwriters in today’s music industry is Moira Dela Torre. She famed the songs … Read more

Kathryn Bernardo Joins TikTok, Shows Version Of Lato-lato

Kathryn Bernardo 2

Watch Kathryn Bernardo’s Hilarious First TikTok Post KATHRYN BERNARDO – Check out Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo’s version of lato-lato here. Two plastic balls joined by a string form the toy known as a lato-lato. The balls must collide with each other such that a distinct clacking sound is produced as you swing the string up … Read more

VIDEO: Alex Gonzaga Perform Lato-lato Dance In Amsterdam

Alex Gonzaga, Mikee Morada 3

Watch Mikee Morada’s Reaction To Alex Gonzaga Lato-lato Dance ALEX GONZAGA – Actress, host, and vlogger Alex Gonzaga performed the Lato-lato dance in Amsterdam. Lato-Lato became popular once more in the Philippines. There were also Lato-Lato competitions held throughout the country. Lato-Lato, contrary to common belief, did not originate in the Philippines. It originates in … Read more

VIDEO: Jelai Andres Challenges Kids To ‘Lato-lato’ Match

Jelai Andres Lato-lato 2

Jelai Andres Joins Viral ‘Lato-lato’ Challenge JELAI ANDRES – GMA-7 actress and vlogger Jelai Andres shared a video showing her playing “lato-lato.” Lato-Lato became popular once more in the Philippines. There were also Lato-Lato competitions conducted in different parts of the country.  Lato-Lato, contrary to popular perception, did not originate in the Philippines. It originates in … Read more

Jason Hernandez Dedicates Emotional New Song “Tahimik” To Dad

Jason Hernandez, Martin Hernandez

Jason Hernandez Dedicates New Song “Tahimik” To Dad JASON HERNANDEZ – Moira Dela Torre’s ex-husband Jason Marvin Hernandez dedicated his new song “Tahimik” to his dad Martin Hernandez. Since Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez announced their breakup, questions about their split have been circulating online. Jason admitted that their breakup was caused by … Read more

Moira Dela Torre Cried When She Met KC Concepcion

Moira Dela Torre, KC Concepcion 1

KC Concepcion Talks About Emotional Meeting W/ Moira Dela Torre MOIRA DELA TORRE – Pinay actress and singer KC Concepcion talked about her emotional meeting with singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre. A lot of well-known kids in the Philippine entertainment business continued their parents’ careers. Some of them, however, chose to take a different path and … Read more

Jason Hernandez Shares Some Lines From Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Paubaya’

Jason Hernandez, Moira Dela Torre

Jason Hernandez Shares Cryptic Post On Social Media JASON HERNANDEZ – Singer-songwriter Jason Hernandez shared some lines from Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Paubaya.’ The entertainment industry has been abuzz since Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin Hernandez split up, and even now, questions about their breakup keep resurfacing. Jason has come under fire for publishing pictures … Read more

Jason Marvin Reveals Truth To New Girlfriend Rumors

Jason Marvin

This is the explanation of Jason Marvin about his “new girlfriend”. JASON MARVIN – Singer-songwriter Jason Marvin reveals the name of her “mystery girl” and made this explanation. The issues surrounding the separation of Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin have been circulating online since they confirmed their split. Jason has been making sad songs … Read more

Rendon Labador Defends Moira dela Torre: “Bakit niyo pinagkakampihan. Ako pagtulongan niyo!”

Rendon Labador Defends Moira dela Torre Against Criticisms Amid Issues Social media personality Rendon Labador defends singer Moira dela Torre against criticisms amid controversial issues. Rendon Labador, a motivational speaker, has issued his long-awaited remark regarding the feud between Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin. Rendon stated in a video posted on his social media … Read more