Jason Marvin Reveals Truth To New Girlfriend Rumors

This is the explanation of Jason Marvin about his “new girlfriend”.

JASON MARVIN – Singer-songwriter Jason Marvin reveals the name of her “mystery girl” and made this explanation.

The issues surrounding the separation of Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin have been circulating online since they confirmed their split. Jason has been making sad songs and during the time it’s finally dying down slowly, it was revived when someone defended Jason.

The post was from Lolito Go and he made revelations about the couple amid the raging new girlfriend rumors involving Jason. The rumors started when he released photos with a mystery girl which turned out to be captured while doing the music video for his new song.

And finally, the male singer-songwriter finally breaks his silence and explained his true relationship with the mystery girl.

In a post, Jason clarified the rumors. He revealed that the girl is named Sumaya McEvoy. She is a friend from El Nido and he stressed that she is not his girlfriend. She was just game enough to accept the project.

“I don’t have a girlfriend because I am technically still married and of course I won’t have one while my annulment has not been finalized yet,” he added.

His new song featuring this girl is called “Ikaw Pa Rin” and the music video included snippets of him and his estranged wife.

Check out the post below:

Jason Marvin Post
Photo grabbed on IG

Meanwhile, Jason shared previously that he tried to win her back. He knelt in front of her as he pleaded for her to take him back. But to no avail.

To recall, the reason for their separation is cheating. Jason admitted this himself when he confirmed their separation in a statement.


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