Kathryn Bernardo Joins TikTok, Shows Version Of Lato-lato

Watch Kathryn Bernardo’s Hilarious First TikTok Post

KATHRYN BERNARDO – Check out Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo’s version of lato-lato here.

Two plastic balls joined by a string form the toy known as a lato-lato. The balls must collide with each other such that a distinct clacking sound is produced as you swing the string up and down.

It is the most recent toy craze that has hit the Philippines; many kids now own it and play with it within their homes, outside on the street, and occasionally even inside public transportation, much to the displeasure of the older generations.

Photo Source: @bernardokath IG

Due to the noise it makes and the risk of being struck by fast-moving plastic balls, lato-lato has actually been outlawed in a barangay in Quezon City.

And just when we assumed that the controversial toy is exclusively enjoyed by regular people, it appears that a number of our favorite celebs have also caught the lato-lato fever. Among them are Angeline Quinto, Moira dela Torre, Andrea Brillantes, Vice Ganda, and Jelai Andres.

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Photo Source: @bernardokath IG

Even Kathryn Bernardo did not lag behind the trendy lato-lato. As her first video on her TikTok account, she showed his version of lato-lato.

The 27-year-old actress didn’t hold a lato-lato like most people, but she moved her round and lato-lato-shaped earrings along with the lato-lato sound effect. It came with a caption, “Lato-lato but make it fasyown. Hello, TikTok world #kathvslatolato”

The views of her first TikTok video exceeded half a million. Her followers also reached over 120K on the first day she created his TikTok account.

Watch the video below:

@bernardokath Lato-lato but make it fasyown. Hello, TikTok world! 👋🏻🤭 #kathvslatolato ♬ original sound – Kath Bernardo

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