Minors In Davao Prohibited From Gaming On Weekdays

No More Gaming For Minors In Davao During Weekdays ONLINE GAMING – Along with internet cafes, pisonets and arcade establishments are not allowed to give gaming services to minors during weekdays. The Davao City Council Amended Section 8 of the children’s welfare code. Commercial establishments and pisonets can’t provide gaming services to minors during school … Read more

Women Rescued From A Spa That Offers More Than A Massage

A Spa That Offers ‘Extra Service’ Was Infiltrated By Local Authorities WOMEN RESCUED – A total of 17 women including three minors were rescued by National Bureau of Investigation from a brothel allegedly disguised as a spa. Prostitution has been a wide spread issue in the Philippines. A lot of streets across the country have … Read more

Young Kids Stealing Truck Parts in Broad Daylight Caught on Camera

Young Kids

Street Children Spotted Stealing Truck Parts Amidst Traffic The young kids stealing the stainless parts of a truck during broad daylight were caught on camera and garnered various reactions online. Nowadays, the rate of criminality in the country continue to increase despite the stricter rules and regulations implemented by the Duterte administration. The extreme poverty … Read more

A Man, Minor Son Punch Their Fellow Bus Commuter


Alleged Muslim Man, Minor Son Struck A Guy On The Bus A video of a man together with his two minor sons punch their fellow bus commuter on alleged harassment on her wife, was posted in the social media. An alleged Muslim man who wears a white sando in the video, was together with her … Read more