Luis Manzano Shares Opinion To Those Who Decided To Transfer Network

Luis Manzano

Here’s what Luis Manzano said about those artists who transferred to other networks. LUIS MANZANO – Kapamilya host Luis Manzano has this comment about those celebrities who decided to transfer to other networks for practical reasons. One of the most influential celebrities in the entertainment industry today is Luis Manzano. He’s into business ventures, multiple … Read more

Luis Manzano Speaks About His Unique & Funny Post On Instagram

Luis Manzano

Here’s why Luis Manzano posts funny clips instead of photos on his Instagram account. LUIS MANZANO – Kapamilya host Luis Manzano shares why he’s sharing funny clips on his Instagram account instead of sharing photos. Instagram is a social media networking application where people can have a glimpse of their favorite celebrities through scrolling in … Read more

Find Out Who’s This Kapamilya Star Who Might Undergo Surgery After Stepping With the Wrong Foot

Host Luis Manzano might undergo surgery after stepping with the wrong foot. The 36-year-old actor-host went to the image-sharing site, Instagram where he shared a photo of him while on a wheelchair, flaunting his foot wrapped in a cast. Take a look. According to Luis Manzano, who’s currently in a relationship with Kapamilya … Read more