Pokwang on Basher on Twitter: “May schedule ako sa NBI soon! Iyak ka later ha”

Pokwang Threatens Basher on Twitter Criticizing Her for Filing Cases Against Ex-Husband

Actress-comedienne Pokwang threatened a basher on Twitter criticizing her after she filed several cases against her ex-husband Lee O’Brian.

Pokwang, as previously reported, filed a deportation complaint and visa cancellation against his ex-partner Lee O’Brian on Tuesday, June 13, 2023. In Intramuros, Manila, the Kapuso comedienne filed a joint complaint with the Bureau of Immigration.

Meanwhile, Pokwang slammed a netizen for intruding in her personal life. On Thursday night, June 15, 2023, a netizen chastised Pokwang for her decision to deport her ex-partner, Lee O’Brian.

The basher’s comment reads, “After nya magpa-anak sa Amerikano (afam) to improve her race, Pokwang now wants the hubby to be deported as an undesirable alien”

Attached is a Twitter post regarding Pokwang filing a deportation petition with the Bureau of Immigration against the father of her child. A netizen backed the comedienne by reposting her tweet and slamming the basher.

The netizen said, “After magpaanak sa Amerikano to improve her race??? Ano yan bumukaka lang si @pokwang27 para magkalat ng anak?! 1. Pokwang is beautiful, di nya kailangan magpalahi sa amerikano para magkaron ng magandang anak. 2. Nagmahal yun tao hindi basta nagpakasta lang. 3. Tarantado ka!

Pokwang Twitter Basher

Pokwang received the tweet from basher. The comedian retweeted it while threatening the critic that she has a meeting with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) soon.

The Kapuso comedienne said, “Ok may schedule ako sa NBI soon! iyak ka later ha… BASTOS!”

Pokwang Twitter Basher

However, the netizen’s comments did not stop there. Another post claims that anyone who expose their filth in public, whether in entertainment or not, should be punished. Pokwang retweeted it, saying “Patay gutom na troll! Bwahahhahahaha ANIMAL!”

But the netizen is hostile. She answered Pokwang, “This is how you’ve treated the father of your child and after you’ve enjoyed the privilege of being able to travel to the US. How morally upright.”

It added, “Get a better lawyer; annulment can’t be basis for deportation. Or maybe you’re just enjoying the media mileage regardless.”

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